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How to order


Q: How do I buy a Days Out voucher?
A: all vouchers can be purchased easily by emailing us at
Q: How long are Days Out Vouchers valid for?
A: There is no expiry date on the Days Out Gift Voucher.

Q: What happens if I lose my vouchers or forget them?
A: Days Out Vouchers are not responsible for any loss, theft, damage or unauthorised use of vouchers.

Q: Can the vouchers be used in addition to other offers at a particular attraction?
A: Days Out Vouchers are cash value vouchers and should be accepted as part or full payment even in conjunction with other added value offers unless otherwise stated.

Q: How soon will my vouchers arrive after I have ordered them?
A: Vouchers are dispatched by Royal Mail. Orders placed before 3pm will arrive within 48 hours. If you need your voucher by next day, please call us to order and specify next day delivery at an added cost.

Q: To use my voucher do I need to pre-book at the attraction?
A: In most cases you will not need to pre-book, though calling before you intend to go to an attraction is advisable, as a small number of them may require you to book in advance.

Q: Can I use Days Out Vouchers outside the UK?
Days Out Vouchers are in sterling currency so can not be used outside the UK.

Q: What denominations are available?
A: Days Out Vouchers are available in £5 and £10 denominations.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for wallets?
A: No. Wallets are free with purchase of vouchers and include listings of attractions the voucher can be used at.

Q: How can I find my nearest attraction?
A: You can find your nearest attraction here.

Q: Will I enjoy my Day Out?
A: Days Out Vouchers aim to cater for all tastes, offering a broad range of activities so you will be hard pressed not to find an enjoyable and memorable day. However, we are always looking for more ways to make the Days Out Voucher even better and appreciate customer feedback so if you have any suggestions please let us know your thoughts by using the contact us form.

Corporate and Acceptance

Q: What are the tax implications of the vouchers?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to advise regarding tax. For further information, please contact your local tax office

Q: Can you provide us with tracking reports so we can see how customers/staff are using the vouchers?
A: Corporate tracking reports are available upon request. Please click here to contact us.

Q: How do I become a partner in the Days Out Voucher scheme?
A: We would be delighted to speak to you. Please click here to contact us.

Q: Can my company set up a credit account?
A: Credit accounts can be set up subject to the results of a credit check

Q: Are you affiliated with Days Out Publishing or Days Out Magazine?
A: Days Out Vouchers are in no way affiliated with Days Out Publishing, and any publications or vouchers issued by Days Out Publishing. Days Out Publishing can be found at